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    Spy Channels-Spy Gear-Sun1000DVR


    by spychannels

    Covert gadgets don't always have to be used for spying. Between assignments you can use this ultra-advanced pair of sunglasses while relaxing on the beach, listening to your favorite MP3s. When duty calls, though, these shades are ready to go to work. The 2 GB memory stores up to 100 minutes of video, 64 hours of sound or 35,000 still photos. Transfer files to and from your computer easily with the included USB cable.

    Camera Sunglasses - This true digital lifestyle device merges camera DVR, audio recorder, and sunglasses all into one. A camera is built into the frame so you can take pictures without carrying another camera. Just reach into your pocket and press the button on the remote to take the picture. The remote control is effective up to 16 feet (5 meters) away.

    We got the best lenses we could find to protect your eyes. Not only do they protect your eyes and look cool, you also get to bring the sound to enjoy and take home the sight to admire.