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    The Most Epic Game Ever by Me! (Read the Description)


    by Flesjherta

    IT IS SO EPIC! MOST DOWNLOAD! HERE'S THE LINK (Great! I can wait to bomb some Dodongos!) :

    I made this in around one hour, because i was bored again. Also, i have a few challenges for ya!

    1. What do the scouter say about my Insanity Level?
    2. Name all the hidden heads.
    3. Because of my limited coding skills, avoid Button Mash as much as possible. If you somehow Button Mash, you will activate a HORRIBLE GLITCH! But can you tell me this glitch through a comment?
    4. Wait through the whole counting until you hear a overused sound when it's over a obvious level of scores. Tell me what this sound is...
    5. Now tell me your oppinion of this game. Long or short, it doesn't matter...

    Source Engine coming soon...

    to make the screen smaller, press F4 to make the screen smaller.