Quest For New India [PART THREE]

Nitin Pamnani

by Nitin Pamnani

[PART THREE] A hour long film on 1857-first war of independence-Bhagat Singh-Naxalbari movements in India, made in support of people's revolutionary movement in INDIA
we distributed 3000 VCD copies in rural areas of northern India.

In the 40th year of Naxalbari, peoples' power has emerged as a dangerous challenge to the political system.1857's resistant consciousness... Bhagat Singh's revolution, and the revolutionary spirit of Naxalbari and Telengana have together started a new chapter in the Indian revolutionary movement. Upholding the banner of the legacy of these great struggles, CPI(ML) is growing.
At this juncture we can clearly say that another big movement will provide a much broader shape to the thread that links 1857, Bhagat Singh's revolutionary movement and Naxalari
Our history consists of the great war of independence of 1857, of the use of weapons, of unlimited heroic wars fought against the British, it's replete with Bhagat Singh and the historic movement of Naxalbari.