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    Adding A Picture Overlay In A Windows Movie Maker Video

    Martin Butler

    by Martin Butler

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    Romanticpreview765 ----> (hq movie)
    Victoria Xxdelong7648

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    Tim Allen
    Great job! This was exactly what I was looking for so I can complete a video blog for my business! Well done!
    By Tim AllenJanuary
    Weemus Studio
    I guess you cannot overlay an image onto video with WMM.
    By Weemus Studio3 years ago
    Ferdie van Steen
    I just wasted all this time on the "basics" of WMM believing at some point you were going to show me how the "overlay" worked ... which is where BOTH the video AND the picture are shown simultaneously. What you are showing here is mere "insertion" and not "overlay."
    By Ferdie van Steen3 years ago