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    Cleantech Exhibition 14 – Israel Look to Solar Energy


    by NTDTelevision

    Clean technologies are increasingly being used to produce energy and preserve water throughout the world. The Fourteenth annual exhibition of clean technologies is currently being held in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Usually identified with progressive water technologies, Israel has mostly examples of solar technology at the exhibit this year. Despite recent discoveries of great quantities of gas, the Israeli government continues to allocate incentives for solar energy development.



    Germany is a country much colder than Israel and with much less sun, yet it has a long tradition of using solar energy.

    The Chairman of the German company Abakus came to Israel for one day to visit his partner Sun City which is participating in the Cleantech Exhibition.

    [Thomas Sandner, Board Chairman, Abakus]:(Male, English)
    "When we talk about energy in northern countries we always mean heating. And I think that in a country where we have more sunlight we will talk about air conditioning that is more suitable to solar application.”

    There is also a commitment to the future of the developing countries that will face difficulties trying to meet their increasing need for energy.

    [Thomas Sandner –Chairman Abakus Board] :(man, English)
    "All these developing countries will need a new kind of energy because otherwise we will not be able to provide the demand of the people in the long run."

    Cleantech also offers energy-saving options, such as light bulbs made to last for 40,000 hours.

    [Ofir Ruziac, CEO Ralco Energy - Sharp]: (male, Hebrew )
    "We're talking about low energy consumption of electricity. The light bulb is capable of working for two-and-a-half hours for less than half a cent."

    The heat, color and wattage of the bulb can be remotely controlled.


    Given the large quantity of sunlight in Israel, future energy development depends on Cleantech, and we are sure to learn about some new technologies next year.

    NTD, Tel Aviv, Israel