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    Shane's Commentary On His Street Fight With Kurt Angle 2/2


    by KunindSingh

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    Beth Small
    aww u can tell he felt like shit for making marissa cry because u gotta remember most of these guys have wives and children eventhough they didn't have kids at this point he still felt bad about scaring her like that
    By Beth Small4 years ago
    Scott Taylor
    Thanks for this. Very cool to see Shane's perspective on this hell of a match. Probably the best street-fight of all time. And what is very interesting about this match? Not ONE chair shot! A steel chair was not used once in this match. A kendo stick was used, a steel trash can and steel trash can lid, a wooden board and set staging. And damn that is frigging tough glass!
    By Scott Taylor5 years ago
    Shane talking about his wife's reaction afterwards is really touching. You can tell he felt really bad about hurting her.
    By Tracey6 years ago