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    Housemate Caoimhe asks boyfriend Dave to marry her


    by ODN


    Big Brother housemate Caoimhe has proposed to her boyfriend via the diary room.

    The Irish lass went to talk to Big Brother with fellow contestant Josie, and said she would like to propose to her boyfriend Dave adding: "We think a BB wedding would be amazing".

    The girls went on to say that Josie could be bridesmaid and that fellow housemate Dave, a minister, could perform the ceremony.

    Caoimhe then got down on one knee and said: "OK, Dave will you marry me in the Big Brother house, because I love you and think you're so beau?"

    Caoimhe had become very close to former female housemate Shabby, and so, in a typical big brother twist, the programme's sister show, BBLB, will see possible fiancé Dave go head to head with Shabby to see who knows Caoimhe best.

    Perhaps she will get an answer to her question sooner than she thinks