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    HOOTERS! How do you identify?

    Anna M Albelo

    by Anna M Albelo

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    Excerpts from the new feature documentary, HOOTERS!
    World Premiere at Outfest July 16th 2010.
    Directed by Anna Margarita Albelo

    Guinivere Turner, Cheryl Dunye, Lisa Gornick, VS Brodie, Deak Evgenikos, Skyler Cooper, and writer Sarah Schulman.

    Brief Synopsis:
    French filmmaker, Jean-Luc Godard said all you need to make a movie was a girl and a gun. For these lesbian filmmakers, all you need is an idea and some friends. HOOTERS!: the making of Older, Wiser, Lesbian cinema explores lesbian culture via the collaborative film making process used in Cheryl Dunye's new seminal film, The Owls.
    Shot in a little over 6 days, 45 Lesbian and Queer Culture makers formed, The Parliament Collective who, on one the hottest month of the year create through debates on race, gender, sexuality, and age, a film about murder without killing each other where personal truth is as important as public fiction.