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    Philosopher Prof.Manfred Stassen in CafeConference Chapter 3


    by barefootphilosophers

    Barefoot Philosophers present Philosopher Prof. Manfred Stassen in


    an endeavor to encourage philosophical and political discussions in the "cafe culture".

    Chapter 3: What is our current Zeitgeist? 2/2

    The High-Definition videos are to be uploaded soon. Thank you.

    Maroo Cafe, Aundh, Pune, April 2010
    Makers: Tanushree Biswas + Pierre Friquet
    Music: Siegfried
    Acknowledgement: Mikyong, Kim, Prof. Sundar Sarukai, Mimo Production 3 PARTS/Questions:
    1/ What is the perspective on the world in 2010? (Answered in Chapter 1 & 2 A
    2/ What is our current Zeitgeist? (Answered in Chapter 2 A, Chapter 2 B & Chapter 3)
    3/What is the role of the philosopher or the artist in the society? (Answered in Chapter 4 & 5)