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    Mother urges halt to teen stabbings


    by ODN


    The grieving mother of a murdered schoolboy pleaded with the families of his killers to turn them in saying, "We have to stop this."

    Zac Olumegbon, 15, from Brixton in south London, was stabbed to death outside his school on Friday morning. His mother Shakira Olumegbon, 53, paid a tearful tribute to her son.

    "It's not revenge I'm after. But I want that mother to help bring our community together because this is too much. It's happening a lot. We have to stop this."

    As her children comforted her, Shakira Olumegbon said: "He's not a violent boy. He's got a big mouth but he's not a violent boy at all. He's a small boy."

    She made a direct appeal to her brother's killers and anyone that may be able to help the police.

    "Please come forward. I know people are scared, but we really need this information. We don't want it to happen again to another family. You see these things all the time and you never think it's going to happen to you."