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    Prince of Persia - 14 Hit Combo - Sword Master ...


    by TaliyahPrice

    Download File: To perform this correctly, don't smash them all at once. Give a second or so room in-between strikes. If you're familiar with any fighting game, you'll know what I mean. If you enter the commands too quick, it will 'skip' them, resulting in a combo break, or any other form of failure. Pretty much what you want to do, is hit the next button command the moment the previous one connects. Bramble adds that writing it down this way might make it easier, as it sorts the combo and tells you where the small pauses are: XXXY | XYA | YX | YBAYX (the trophy didn't unlock in the video because I already have it) EDIT: 120k views. :D Thanks to everyone for watching and telling their friends; it's much appreciated! Good luck, and thanks for watching!