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    Mancattan Trailer


    by Renderyard

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    Mancattan - directed by Phil Drinkwater & Colin Warhurst

    An original funny romantic comedy inspired by two great Cities Manchester and Manhattan and inspired by Woody Allen's unexpected filming style .... MANCATTAN explores, in a comic way, the ups, downs and neuroses of two twenty-somethings completely mystified with what their future purposes in life are meant to be. They jet off to New York to make good on promises they have made to themselves, but in chasing their dream they also realise that they could simply be running away from their problems back home.

    The characters in the film are obsessed with Woody Allen and therefore the film works as an homage to this great director, and it is deeply inspired by his classic works such as 'Annie Hall' and 'Manhattan.' On this level, Mancattan also serves as a love letter to the filmmaker's home city of Manchester, a place that has deeply influenced their film. The cities of Manchester and Manhattan are the real stars of the film.