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    Chris Tatevosian: "Life Interrupted-It's not All About Me"

    Mike Johnston

    by Mike Johnston

    Be sure to check out the links below to Chris' website and social networks. Chris Tatevosian grew up in Holliston, Massachusetts and graduated college in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and a minor in Chemistry. Employed as an analytical chemical technician for seven years before becoming an occupational safety coordinator/consultant. In 1980 he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Divorced with one stepson,23 year old Jesse, who lives in Vermont, Tatevosian now lives in Massachusetts. He has since remarried. He and his wife Jane, Jane's two younger children, 19-year-old Mark and 23-year-old Lauren live in their new home in suburban Massachusetts. Recently you may have read about Chris Tatevosian and this candid and humble self-help memoir he has written entitled Life Interrupted, It’s Not All about Me. In the book Chris shares with readers, his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and how his poor me attitude cost him his marriage. Chris hopes that others might learn from his relationship destroying mistakes to communicate more effectively and avoid allowing disability and feelings of decreasing self-worth to destroy one’s relationship. Buy "Life Interrupted" on Amazon: Chris' website: Chris on YouTube: Chris on facebook: Chris' radio show on blogtalk radio: