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    Characteristics of Pseudoscience


    by daveharrow

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    I'll be more specific

    I've been informed that neuro-linguistic programming author Andrew Bradbury and crony were working with a scientologists in an attempt to censor the video above:

    Its pretty predictable. They are using the same attacks, the same conspiracy theories and the same pseudo-scientific arguments. Neuro-linguistic programming and scientology on the same team.

    By daveharrow5 years ago
    Hi Mr Snowden

    Not so deluded as to waste my time making vacuous arttacks on something I know nothing about.

    Not so deluded as to write a Blog entry where I denigrate anecdotal evidence - and then produce nothing buit anecdotal evidence!

    See here:

    for an example of Mr Snowden's debating skills.

    (I think his friend must have strayed into North Korea. Bad move!)

    And look where it is - on his own business website.
    It's like watching a hand-reared twink in full-face self-destruct mode!

    p.s. "Twink" is a self-made word. It might mean exactly what you think it means. And then again, it is just as likely it does not. .

    By AndyzB5 years ago
    Andy Bradbury/Nextlevl/Harbinger

    You are obviously deluded

    Get a life!
    By daveharrow5 years ago

    Your network has been exposed and its time for you to move on

    Your videos will be either deleted or clarified for the good of the viewer

    Live and learn
    By Nextlevl5 years ago
    Its been a pleasure Andy

    You have provided some valuable insights into the misinformation network that is behind these videos and wiki pages.

    It is becoming more obvious they are here to competitively suppress ideas that are not compatible with their own interests.

    Its quite gratifying to be part of exposing their insidious game.

    Keep up the effort.

    Clarifying the pattern: Its a worthy activity.
    By Nextlevl5 years ago
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