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  • Add to | Laser Vue Eye Center Reviews HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Cindy Rarick LPGA Golf Pro " I can not believe the results! I am thrilled to be able to see so well. I would highly recommend anyone considering LASIK to see the doctors at LaserVue". New Found FREEDOM!!!! Susan Roesgen CNN News Anchor "It was nothing short of a miracle. My vision is 20/20, the new found freedom is incredible." THANK YOU!!! No glasses anymore is great! Everyone always asks me if it hurts. This is what I tell them: If you have ever had an ingrown toenail removed, LASIK hurts about 1/10 as much. I could have driven home five minutes after it was done if I had to; instead, I let my wife and kids take care of me for a couple days. Thank you LaserVue! HELPFUL!!! I had heard all the stories about LASIK. What was especially wonderful About the LaserVue Eye Center for me was how the staff assisted me. At LaserVue Eye Center they were kind, and extremely supportive. The surgery itself was over in minutes and yet I will have a lifetime to benefit from what was provided! I am 31 and have depended on contacts since they age of eight. Today was the first time in my life I could wake up to see my surroundings. Thank you all so much!! You do wonderful work but the extra personality you add to what you're doing is what truly makes you stand out!! Thank you all! SO SIMPLE!!! What an amazing experience this has been at LaserVue eye center. No more glasses or contacts! I am so glad that I finally got LASIK done after more than a few years of dealing with contacts and glasses. The entire process has been made so simple thanks to the team of surgical specialists at LaserVue. I still can't believe that I can see now!!! Thanks to everyone at LaserVue--I'll be sending everyone I know to you!!! VERY PROFESSIIONAL!!! The entire staff was very professional and friendly at LaserVue Eye Center. The examinations were not rushed and very calm. It was a rewarding experience. NOTICE: The reviews of this business are real. This positive ...

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)hehee Awesome, Thankyou very much :=)
By molly19u 4 years ago