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    by laservuereviews

    19 views | Laser Vue Eye Center Reviews Complaints Don't Wait!!! This has totally changed my life. Being a surfer, carpenter, and father, I would always lose my contacts. Now I don't have to worry about it any longer. The service at LaserVue Eye Center is fabulous. Don't wait...get the procedure done! Thank you LaserVue! You have changed my life and opened my eyes! Very ...HAPPY!! At first I was skeptical about PRK, but I am very happy with the results. I went from not being able to see the big 'E' to reading the 20/20 line off the chart! All the employees at LaserVue made me feel very comfortable and were able to answer all my questions throughout the whole procedure. The surgery was easy. I would be willing to go through all of it over again to get to where I am. If you get PRK be prepared to have fluctuating vision for a least a week. It's scary at first to see your vision fade in and out, but slowly it will stabilize and become clear. Don't expect perfect results right away and trust all the doctors' advice. Take care of your eyes. I am very thankful for mine thanks to Dr. Bansal and his staff! HIGH QUALITY!!! For years I was terrified at the thought of LASIK surgery. Then a friend of mine had her vision corrected at LaserVue Eye Center, and encouraged me to look into it. The moment I walked into LaserVue Eye Center, I began to have hope that my vision and astigmatism could be corrected. The entire staff was so encouraging and professional. My husband and I got to watch a LASIK procedure before my surgery, and Dr. Bansal patiently answered all of our questions. The surgery was brief, painless, and I am happy to report my vision is now 20/20. I am grateful to Dr. Bansal and his staff, and would recommend LaserVue Eye Center to anyone interested in high quality LASIK eye surgery. New Found FREEDOM!!!! Susan Roesgen CNN News Anchor "It was nothing short of a miracle. My vision is 20/20, the new found freedom is incredible." NOTICE: The reviews of this business are real. This positive ...