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    CS Sunday: Oil Spill & Jobs

    Clean Skies News

    by Clean Skies News

    With a legal fight brewing over the Obama Administration's ban on more deepwater drilling, the Gulf Coast prepares for more job losses. Residents say without the oil rigs, even more jobs will be lost. But how do those oil rig jobs compare to the jobs already lost from the fallout of the spill on tourism? Dan Goldstein takes an in depth look. Univ. of Maryland professor Peter Morici breaks down the long range economic impact of a possible moratorium and tourism jobs the area may have lost forever. A new study shows natural gas can effectively be the fuel of the future. We'll talk with one of the co-authors of the study, Ernie Moniz. He says natural gas can be the transportation fuel and electricity source the country needs. What will it take to move the country away from its dependence on oil? Tyler Suiters talks about the driving change Americans will have to make - turning from oil to electricty. Gasland the movie. The documentary won awards for showing what it says are the dangers of hydrofracking. But does the movie tell all sides? Clean Skies News talks to two experts for their take on the movie's points, and the pros and cons of hydrofracking.