Degrassi High - s01e06 - "Nobody's Perfect" - (Part 1 of 2)

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s01e06 - "Nobody's Perfect" - (Part 1 of 2)

Original Air Date: Tuesday December 5, 1989

Kathleen's dreams are coming true; Scott is the perfect boyfriend. He's considerate, affectionate, and even gives her flowers. She can forgive him if he's a little hot-tempered. Things come to a head when she has to practise for a presentation with Luke, and Scott forbids her to do that. Joey and Caitlin also have to work together, which gives Caitlin the opportunity to talk to Joey about their relationship. Patrick shows some interest in Spike, but Liz is worried about his intentions; her warnings make Spike so nervous that she almost blows the date.


Scoot is a creep !!
By Katianne Pare March
Poor Katleen.She's so naÏve and confident in Scott who beats her and is violent with her..she calls that love,but it isn't love.Scott is crazy,totally insane.She loves for the first time and Scott's an abuser..Sad..
By Katianne Pare February
I hate Scott I think that was mean to say that she can't act and he should just be locked away too!
Poor Kathleen, then DNG Terri and then Fiona each with a boyfrined who abused them!
By April Faith 3 years ago