Tito Santana vs. Butch Reed


by Stinger1981

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MSG 2/23/87


I know it didn't look all that devastating, but that second dropkick to the sternum area really hurt Butch Reed. Santana executed that dropkick with a lot of pinpoint accuracy and stiffness in the legs. That's what you needs to make those dropkicks successful. It's not the high dropkicks to the face that will hurt you. It's those low dropkicks to the sternum. Those will really do a number on you.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
Notice how Tito Santana countered that atomic into the Figure-Four leglock. That's good, basic, classic counter to counter scientific wrestling. You can't teach that type of wrestling. You have to go with your instincts in there.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
Prior to this match on an episode of Wrestling Challenge where George Steele was wrestling the Natural, Koko stuck his nose where it didn't belong again and nailed Butch Reed with a missle dropkick off the top rope.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
Look at the way Santana delivered those jarring boots to the top of the head. Those blows are intended to incite and insult the Natural Butch Reed. What a despicable move on the part of Tito Santana. That doesn't resemble babyface wrestling. That more or less resembles a heel taunting his opponent to try and get up off the canvas and fight back.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
This should be an outstanding match. These two guys have great chemistry in the ring.
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago