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    Massacre of the Assassins - Taxco Guerrero 2010

    Maria Alaniz

    por Maria Alaniz

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    Authentic documentary video, filmed the afternoon of the bloody shoot-out in Taxco between soldiers and a band of hit men in a house on Cerro de Bermeja in Taxco. This gunbattle was widely reported by the international mass-media and presented as evidence that Taxco is gripped by a so-called "Narco War". While two campesinos are plowing and planting the field, a group of men prepare a batch of cement for the roof of the house of a neighbor. A sound-car comes by, blaring lurid announcements on the behalf of a local newspaper extra-edition. "Look at it! Look, look in Taxco, find out! Fifteen dead, Fifteen executed. See all the photographs" This little video is a vivid snapshot of modern rural Mexico on the day of the "Mexico Narco War" shoot out in Taxco. Notice that nobody is freaked out. One of the workers emits a rebel yell, mimicking the the shouts of the sound-car, which slows down, but none of the workers is interested in buying a paper, the cost of which is only 5 pesos ...the cost of a piece of candy. This video shows that modern rural Mexican people have NOT become the fearful victims of the threats of terror tactics. Whatever is responsible for what is happening, the traditional Mexican society continues with its characteristic high spirit. The Mexico Narco War theme the international mass-media has been harping on, has some suspect aspects., if the Meixcan people are not wrong.