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    India Beefs Up Security Ahead of Commonwealth Games


    by NTDTelevision

    Security has been beefed up in Agra City, home of the Taj Mahal, as authorities anticipate a large number of foreign tourists during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

    [Ashfaq Ahmad, Superintendent of Police, Crime Branch, Agra]: (male, Hindi)
    "As the Commonwealth Games are approaching, we have started taking security measures in the market areas. Wherever there are unidentified vehicles found, they are being checked up by bomb disposal team and dog squad. Our main objective is that during the Commonwealth Games there should be no such incident leading to terror; so we are making the locals aware about it."

    Police are seen patrolling public and commercial places.

    A team of bomb disposal squads are checking parking lots, while traffic policemen are keeping track of vehicles.

    Locals support the security drive and some say it should continue after the Commonwealth Games.

    [Hirain Mittal, Local]: (gender male Hindi)
    "There should be measures taken for security and this is a good step initiated by the police administration. But these security measures will just be taken till the Commonwealth Games. I am afraid that the police will tend to become lenient.”

    Apart from over 10,000 athletes representing 54 Commonwealth member nations, India is expecting a huge rush of foreigners to watch the event. And tourists are expected to visit popular spots like the Taj Mahal.

    The 2010 Commonwealth Games will be held in October in New Delhi.