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    ECS Tuning: .:R32 Exhaust Flapper Wiring Kit


    by ECSTuning

    Complete kit to easily perform flapper mod on your R32
    The R32 is equipped with a vaccum controlled exhaust flapper valve. The flapper stays closed under 45mph or under 3400 RPM and opens once either of these conditions have been exceeded. Opening the valve at low speeds can give a slight increase in HP and Torque numbers (10hp/10 ft. lb.) along with an incredible exhaust note under idle and low RPM conditions. The ECS Flapper Wiring Kit gives you the ability to choose one of three postions (open / closed / stock) at any given time via a switch in the cabin of the car. A great way to control noise in the cabin for various types of driving conditions. Detailed installation instructions are available.

    Kit includes:

    All necessary hardware / wiring
    3 position switch

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