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    Elle MacPherson on hosting the new series of BNTM


    by ODN


    Elle MacPherson says she loves the idea of seeing young girls 'morphing' on Britain's Next Top Model.

    The Body, as Elle is also known, has taken over from Lisa Snowdon as host of the reality TV show and said it is not just about winning:

    "I think the girls will be having an amazing experience whether they're in the first round or the last round. Hopefully the experience that they have will change their lives in some way, whether it is how they feel about themselves or whether it changes their circumstances.

    "But I do like the idea of morphing from one thing to another and witnessing that is the fun of watching the series" said the Australian-born beauty.

    Julien Macdonald and Charley Speed will help Elle whittle down the 25 wannabes and, speaking at the launch party for the new series, the supermodel said it is not all about appearances:

    "I think the most important thing you'll find with these girls is it's not only what they look like on the outside and how they photograph and how they walk as a model but who they are, how they present themselves, how they rise to challenges and it's interesting to watch them along the series grow, develop and mature."

    The new series of Britain's Next Top Model starts on LIVING on July 5.