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Life In The Slow Lane - Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy

7 years ago288 views

Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy perform Life In The Slow Lane at Chashama Gallery in 2009.

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WARNING: We respectfully request that people who do not have an open mind do not listen to this music.

Check out Caeser Pink's novel The Murder Of The Holly King:

Well I'm livin' a little bit beyond my means
I got a Goodwill shirt and some stonewashed jeans
I got a paisley couch with a patch on the back
And I'm sellin' my food stamps to buy a nickel bag
..of weed...maybe some Acapulca Gold

I'd sell my soul for a just a little green
Then maybe I could split this one-horse scene
Till then I guess I'm just biding my time
Tryin' real hard to commit no crimes
.. for sure least till Thursday

Hey Ho We gotta go
We were born blind and we see no future
Hey Ho Gotta get away
Give me a dollar and I'll stay another day

I keep thinking one morning I'll wake up
and understand what yesterday was all about
And I'm waiting stil..
Every day we keep forgetting

My girl's wearin' 99-cent-store hot pants
Platform shoes, and bedazzled tube-top
She drinks Tequila with one eye closed
Squeezes the lemon and breathes through her nose
.. oh boy ...she's the life of the party

We're shacked up above the Tasti-freeze
Host to the cockroaches, mices and fleas
I'm stealin' last night's nuggets from the McDonalds dumpster
Singin' Grand Funk songs with my buddies from the hoosegow
..inside lookin' out

Now there's green steam comin' from the chemical plant
People actin' strange, some weird shit going down
I wish I had a ticket, wish I had a thumb
Wish I had some feet or the will to run
- Like Jack K baby

2001 - Caeser Pink