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    AL Mirador del Inka Obligan,Devolucion de cosas Robadas!!!


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    .Robbers, delinquentes of the Mirador del Inka forced by law and police

    Edwin, Harry, Hugo Manuel Corimaita, Joseph Corimaita, Mery Cuba,… are ordened by the judge who is charge of the case to return part of the goods they have stolen from Hostal Sweet Daybreak. The people of the
    Mirador del Inka invaded at 07-02-2010 Hostal Sweet Daybreak and stole everything what was present in Hostal Sweet Daybreak. After 4 months of investigations the family Corimaita is forced to return part of the stolen goods. Most of the beds of Hostal Sweet Daybreak maintain stolen and the lawsuit of 6 legal charges against the Mirador del Inka still continues. At this moment the people of the Mirador del Inka are running Hostal Sweet Daybreak as if it is their own business.