Doctor Who : Besieged

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"In Space Only The Doctor can hear you Scream"

A Non-Profit Doctor Who fan film.

Survivors of an alien attack are trapped in the bowels of a space craft, among them is a man with the ability to defy death, The Doctor.

A tense claustrophobic nightmare that brings the Timelord and H R Giger's Aliens together for the first time.

Ryan Hendrick
Jennifer Byrne
Frankie MacEachen
Stephen Clyde

Directed by
Stuart Cadenhead

Written by
Ryan Hendrick

Produced by
Lauren Lamarr
Ryan Hendrick
D.M Evans


thanks very much for that.... Why don't you check out our facebook fan page and comment there. Also got our own episode of Confidential on there.
By RYAN HENDRICK 5 years ago
Hey there. I cant believe Im the first to comment. Obviously as its based on both Doctor Who and Alien, Im going to have to say its a bit derivative, but whats this? decent acting in a Doctor Who fan film? never thought Id see the day. You make excellent use of your location, the direction and editing is very good and it actually feels like proper Doctor Who. The Doctor and Lydia are excellent and look loke their charachters could develop nicely and Ryder looks like she could kick the crap out of me. Much love and respect due to you all. I hope you get a chance to continue the story.
By alienunderpants 5 years ago