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    What to Preach to the Lost # 5

    James Bluford

    by James Bluford

    When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, he immersed the human race into the nature of Sin and Death. Death reigned from Adam to Moses, but it took the Law of Moses for humans to realize that they had sinned. The Apostle Paul taught that through the Law comes the knowledge of sin. Romans 3:20 Sin, Sickness, and Death all come from the same sin nature. All mankind is flawed, it is impossible to have perfection. Everyone was born Sin Defective with sin written into our DNA. The Law of Moses was not meant to justify us, only condemn us. Yes, the Law was only meant to bring condemnation so that we would realize the need for the Savior of mankind. Money does not buy any thing in the Kingdom of God, but Faith, Trust, Confidence in YahoVah does. God's Son Jesus Christ, and His Death, Burial, and Resurrection from the dead can change your live. Change your mind and believe the Gospel. Call upon His Name Today! Jesus Have Mercy me, Come into my heart and Save Me Now ! Fill Me In Jesus Name !