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    I Am A Murderer

    Caeser Pink

    by Caeser Pink

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    I am a murderer
    For the dream of America
    In the name of Democracy
    For unfettered capitalism
    For us against them
    I am a murderer

    I am a murderer

    My victims lie beneath the ground in lands my feet have never tread
    Their hapless faces, I have never gazed upon
    I have no knowledge of their actions
    And can make no judgment of their deeds
    They are countless and their names are not written down in any ledger
    Did they deserve their fate?
    I cannot say

    I am a murderer

    My victims fell in El Salvador, Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, Afghanistan,
    Kuwait, Iraq, and places of which I do not even know

    Because I pay taxes
    I am a murderer
    Because I do not run into the streets and shout
    I am a murderer
    Because I do not storm the halls of power
    I am a murderer
    Because I must confess, I do not even writer a letter in protest
    I am a murderer

    Perhaps if I lived under a cruel dictator
    I could claim there is no blood on my hands
    But alas, the facts of democracy allow no innocence
    Except to serve the cause of self-deception

    I am a murderer
    A serial killer
    Perhaps something even worse

    Yet I rest in untroubled sleep
    Where is my conscience?
    Where is my morality?
    Do I even lack humanity?

    But my attention is lulled away by celebrity gossip controversies, game shows, and reality TV
    My eyes are ever focused on expensive cars, new cloths, electronic gadgets, and good times
    A carrot on a stick for a dimwitted mule

    I may look back at the Jewish holocaust and say "never again"
    Yet hypocrite that I am
    I turn away as genocide in far away lands occur again without end

    2008 - Caeser Pink