Idiot Love - We've all been there!

Caeser Pink

by Caeser Pink

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Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy perform Idiot Love at Stoney's Posthouse Tavern in University Park, PA in 1995.

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I'm painting shadows on the wall
I'm shouting poems to silent halls
You are my inspiration
You are my discontent
Winds that wither were receding into the dream I was believing
But now it all fades
Can you feel it fade?

Into Idiot Love

All your words come back to haunt me
A siren's pleasure that destroys
Don't speak of friendship
Don't speak of time
Cause I'm the fury in the torrent
I'm the savage, you're the crime
I'm the king that burns the castle
I'm the star that falls tonight

Into Idiot Love

Every genius of emotion knows of idiot love
Every wise man knows of idiot love
Every noble savage knows of idiot love
Nothing is pure as idiot love
You can live and breathe this idiot love
You can believe in idiot love
You can be a fool for idiot love
You can be an idiot

For idiot love

1989 - Caeser Pink