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Richard Aberdeen
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Bill Mahr, on the other hand, continues to prance around preteding there is not God and that belief in God causes war. This has thorougly been debunked by the evidence of modern behaviorial science, which anybody can read in the Britannica under articles "Human Sexuality", "Freud", "Jung" and "Animal Behavior". It is well documented by modern science, that Jesus was indeed correct, that what causes war, murder, theft, adultery, slavery and other human oppression begins within our sub-conscious and emanates outward. Bill Maher continues to demonstrate his lack of education, as well as his naivety regarding fundamental causes of human oppression.
By Richard Aberdeen 4 years ago
That is false. The so-called "golden rule" is obviously based on our shared human conscience, when as Francis Collins and Jefferson both pointed out, obviously demonstrates deliberate design. The teaching of Jesus, however, that we should "do" unto others as we want them to do unto us, represents a very great improvement over most "golden rules", which are negative/passive, such as not to do anyone harm that we don't want done to us. To tell a child to help their neighbor is a much better idea than to teach the same child not to do their neighbor any harm. This is only one of many examples of where Jesus is way smarter than not only Maher, but as Will Durant concluded in his volume "Caesar and Christ", way more intelligent than any other known person in history. For example, "you will known the truth and the truth will make you free" is by far the best educational theory known, as is Jesus' environmental awareness, stated long before there was such a thing in human history.
By Richard Aberdeen 4 years ago
This video is a good example of sophistry. Why credit Jesus's "golden rule" as the best foundation of morality when others had advanced the same idea centuries before? Why accuse Maher of claiming Jesus was delusional--he didn't, by the way--when what Maher is actually claiming is that followers of all religions are delusional? We don't--can't--know about Jesus since the first account of his life appeared decades after his death, assuming he existed. But we certainly can see examples of delusional and destructive piety any time we want to.
By dirtprof 4 years ago
If you believe that you are a fool.
By phildiscipleofchrist 4 years ago
Yes, Bill Maher is smarter than Jesus.
By rrlane 4 years ago