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    [ALEV] Gender Pay Gap


    par Alde ALDEADLE

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    Video summary of the ALDE ADLE Workshop: More efficiency in combating the Gender Pay Gap

    Event date: 22/06/10 10:00 to 12:3
    Location: BE BRUSSELS A5G-1

    There is a growing gender pay gap throughout the European Union, amounting on average to 18%.

    In some of countries like Estonia it is even more than 30% and in some other countries like Finland, Slovakia, and Cyprus it is over 20%. This shows that there are indirect forms of discrimination affecting women and girls.

    Knowing that women are in a more vulnerable position than men, this ALDE seminar aims to review the efficiency of the measures undertaken by the Commission when tackling pay gap.

    This is also reflected in pension rights for women and their welfare.


    MEP's Concerned: Siiri Oviir, Filiz Hakaeva Hyusmenova, Anneli Jäätteenmäki

    For more information: milena.dimitrova(at)

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