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    Official - Le Marionnettiste - Teaser

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    Teaser of "Le Marionnettiste", a Nintendo Wii student prototype (currently running on PC using a Wiimote).

    In "Le Marionnettiste", you’ll have the opportunity to embody a puppeteer soul, trapped in a puppet. The magic strings won’t let your soul go to heaven, so you have to find a way to take back your freedom. Using the Wiimote, you’ll have to mimicry a puppeteer to move your avatar, just like if the strings were directly bound to your Wiimote.

    This concept provides a brand new way to play and to approach the platform/reflection games. Using the Wiimote, you will become the master of your puppet, your tool. But don’t forget the strings; they could get caught in the mechanisms. Be smart and make them your main strength. This new challenge is unique, a "two levels of reflection", only in "Le Marionnettiste".

    This 9 months' project has been realized by 6 students, using Unity engine. Check our official website for contact and further information: