War Among The God's! (South Park style animation)

Caeser Pink

by Caeser Pink

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An animated commentary on religious hate in the world. Created by Caeser Pink as video projection during Imperial Orgy performances for the song All God's Children.

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Hindu's killing Sikhs in the Punjab state
Protestants and Catholics fill Irish graves
Jews killing Muslims to get their space
Muslims killing everyone all over the place

Everyone's religion is the one true religion
Will you spread your faith with an iron fist?
Burn the pagans, kill the infidels
Follow your creed or burn in hell

Goddamn - I don't understand
How your religion tells you to kill a man
Jesus Christ -it don't seem right
All God's children want to fuss and fight
Holy Shit - ain't it time to quit?
If that's your religion I don't believe in it

I thought God was supposed to bring us together
But these religions got us killing each other
God must sure hate your fucking religions