I am Macedonian


by Alek

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i really feel sorry for you, thinking that you have a right to analyse my ethnicithy and background. I personaly know my roots for approximatelly 230 years, and there are no bulgarians, serbs or greeks.

Gruevski is not teling us nothing new that most of us already know it. You have a very bad picture of our prime minister. He just reacts the way most of us, normal peope think. Thats why he is supported by the mases.

Macedonia for Macedonians. Long live Macedonia. The world will know the truth.
By Alek 5 years ago
Realy sorry for you not being recognise by History....You have to ask the commusnist regime and your great leader TITO why he did it to your parents and you now....Macedonians are only greeks and you know that in the bottom of your mind ,if mr Gruevski permit you to tell all the truth....Realy sorry for you my bulgarian friend
By Arkadios 5 years ago