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    David Bowie •♪ Modern Love •♪ Jonathan Ross Show 03


    par musiclover4

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    exelent david bowie particulierement certains vieux albums , j'aime j'aime !!!!!!!!!!!
    Par CHRISTELLEIl y a 5 ans
    I catch a paper boy
    But things don't really change

    I'm standing in the wind
    But I never wave bye-bye
    But I try, I try

    There's no sign of life
    It's just the power to charm
    I'm lying in the rain
    But I never wave bye-bye
    But I try, I try

    Never gonna fall for
    Modern Love walks beside me
    Modern Love walks on by
    Modern Love gets me to the church on time

    Church on time terrifies me
    Church on time makes me party
    Church on time puts my trust in god and man
    God and man no confessions
    God and man no religion
    God and man don't believe in Modern Love
    Par musiclover4Il y a 5 ans