Filmfellas Cast 3: Web 14- Community Building

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"Face Your Brand"

“You want to grow an audience,” says Steve Weiss “You want to say, ‘Joe (Swanberg) is shooting film XYZ in Iowa, here’s a behind the scenes picture, some text and a video.’ Now you’re building an enthusiast crowd for Joe’s films.”

Personal-branding is essential for filmmakers today. By building a large group of fans, the filmmaker can communicate and directly engage with the viewers . Using the social media outlets such as facebook, twitter and myspace to disperse information about your film is the best way for you to connect directly with your audience and get to know who they are.

“But, if you’re constantly sending news blasts, at some point it’s going to be too much and I’m just going to turn you off,” retorts Edward Seaton.

So, what is the filmmaker to do, use existing social media sites to disperse information or should you build your own site and draw your own traffic?

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