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    Filmfellas Cast 2: Web 9 - The New Audience

    Zacuto Films

    by Zacuto Films

    “System of a Breakdown”

    “We just had a forty minute discussion about what we love. Now we’re talking about money!” asserts Steve in Webisode 8, which focuses on the current breakdown of studio systems claiming to distribute “independent films.”

    Joe opens the discussion by admitting that he doesn’t care where audiences see his films, whether they be in theaters or online. Steve and Susan argue about what should be the first priority of filmmakers: making great art or creating a business model. The debate turns toward studios, as the cast asks who’s freaking out during the economic crisis: Hollywood or independent filmmakers? Joe succinctly offers his view by explaining that it’s the specialty divisions of mainstream studios designed to make “independent films” that are being destroyed. The cast also discusses how the site “quarterlife” attempted and failed to speak to the current generation by misinterpreting the Mumblecore phenomenon.