Ready for an Axle Upgrade? G2 Axles will Take you to ...


by 4WheelParts

211 views - Anytime larger tires and gears are used hard out on the trail, you tend to find a weak link. In most cases that weak link is the axle shaft, especially in the front. But we've got the fix. G2 has introduced a complete line of upgraded, high performance axle kits. Here's an example of our front rubicon axle shaft. Notice there's more material in the yoke area and extra deep u-joint pockets to restore your turning radius. Benefits of G2 Axle Shafts: - Made of forged 4340 chromaly - Dual heat treated - Yoke area is machined to accept the full circle retaining clip - Come fully assembled, ready to install When you're ready for an axle upgrade, get your G2 axles at