Stars of Despicable Me attend the world premiere

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Steve Carrell and Julie Andrews have attended the world premiere of new 3D animation Despicable Me.

Steve voices the lead character of Gru, a man who is planning the biggest heist in the history of the world until three cute little girls make him rethink things:

"My character is the number two super-villain in the world," said Steve. "He used to be number one. He's trying to reclaim his thrown. And in order to do that, he decides that he's going to steal the moon. That will put him back on top."

Mary Poppins actress Julie Andrews voices Gru's mum and explained how she got into character:

"Trial and error and you keep looking at the picture of your character. Also I think Steve Carell helped me a lot. He had made such a wonderful voice for his character. And as the lady that plays his mum, I figured his mother would have had quite an influence on that voice."

Also lending their voice to the 3D animation is Jason Segel, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove.

Meanwhile music producer Pharrell Williams composed the music for the movie:

"I am so honoured. I worked with the illumination studios (who are) at the forefront of technology and all of the new 3D tricks. When I said to them, 'I want to make the music sound 3D, emotionally 3D.' They were like 'Yeah.' They were totally up for it," said the 37-year-old music producer.