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    NightClub City Facebook lvl40&1B coins!


    por SaigeaWilliams

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    Download File: FOR THE COIN CHEAT: 1. 4bytes, ASROM, exact value and use FIREFOX 2. Go to the SHOP so your coins will be frozen. And it will not move. 3. Then Scan your coin value then click FIRST SCAN 4. Then BUY anything on the shop so your coin will be change. 5. After you bought something, type your new value coin and then click NEXT SCAN. until 1 address is out. 6. Then DOUBLE CLICK the 1 address that youve found. 7. And something will came out UNDER after you doubled click the address. Then double click the VALUE and change it to "999999999" 8. Then Check the box. Under the Frozen title. 9. SELL something. and thats it. 10. Done. Then Save.