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    Assassin's Creed II - DANGEROUS bug - Read info! [Fixed]


    por AylinSamith

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    Download File: An update is available for this game, fixing this thing. When I started this savefile again the cutscene started and should for you too. So, Desmond was just getting out of the Animus. He said "No, I need to get back in there right now!". I turned my Xbox off thinking it would be a good point to start from later, but when that moment came something happened. The game saved automatically just before the previously mentioned cutscene so I thought (and wanted too!) I would see it again... But instead, Desmond is standing in the hideouts testing grounds. The whole building is empty, the crew is gone and I can't re-enter the Animus. I checked video walkthroughs to see if this really is where I'm supposed to be and it turns out Desmond really went back to Italy, a couple of seconds after I turned my Xbox off. I've always seen automatic saves as points you start from if you die or something like that, but what the fuck happened here?