Brian Glick gets epiclly owned

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Brian Glick, the product manager of YouTube, and the one that created the Beta Channels that 99% of YouTube hates. He gives us no options to choose which design we prefer and suspends people for no reason. Now it's payback time and he gets owned.


He has no balls!
By Amu Rashoujin 3 years ago
Yeah you sure showed him Yoshimasa! Thanks for putting me in this video.
By Rin Tokitsu 4 years ago
You did a great job owning this asshole, Yoshimasa! This idiot should listen to our opinions instead of forcing us to use what he likes, he's a fucking nazi!
By CuteLittleRinny 4 years ago
Good job Yoshimasa! You owned that worthless piece of shit!
By EthanHunt5000 4 years ago
Hooray!!! Thank you so much for putting me in this video! I hate that prick Brian Glick. He needs to die! And victory for us! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Fave so many times that my computer gets pissed off and attacks me.
By PriestessSayo 4 years ago