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    Interview exclusive Reggae Promotion: U Brown

    U Brown as he is popularly known in the reggae business was born Huford Brown on 8 June 1956 in Kingston, Jamaica. As a youth, U Brown used to accompany his dad to the local bars. Whilst in the local bars he spent most of his time listening to the jukebox, as his dad drank and socialised with his friends and this is how he developed a love for music. As his love for music grew,U-Brown started cutting school and attending local dances at the tender age of eleven (1966 - 1968)). The big men who were running things pon the dance circuit at the time were Lord Comic, King Stitt and Great U Roy the original Godfather, master and teacher who greatly influenced U Brown and paved the way for modern dancehall. The ruling sounds that notably took his attention was King Tubbys Hi-Fi with U Roy at the controls.

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