Michael Jackson apparently spoke like Barry White

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A documentary has claimed that Michael Jackson simulated his high-pitched voice and actually sounded more like Barry White.

In Gone Too Soon, investigative reporter Ian Halperin allleges that the popstar's trade mark high-pitched voice was an act.

Halperin said: "A couple of times when I spoke to Michael I thought his voice did not sound like that high-pitched voice which he put on for so many years and I respect that. That was his showbiz persona. Some people described his voice as a cross between Barry White and Richard Gere."

Halperin also claimed that the King of Pop frequently wore a cape whilst he was at home:

"A lot of times around the house in the final months of his life, he'd always wear a cape. He was fascinated with super heroes. He was a big fan of comic books. Michael was a very playful person," he said.

Gone Too Soon featured interviews with some of Jackson's most trusted inner circle, including close friend Deepak Chopra, manager Frank Dileo, spiritual adviser June Gatlin and his personal trainer and chef.