Ted DiBiase makes a woman bark like a dog

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Wrestling Challenge 8/16/87


That woman looks too old to be Linda McMahon 23 years ago.
By Greg8550 5 years ago
Really? It sure looks a lot like her, even sounds like her as well. Hmm.
By Stinger1981 5 years ago
Welcome Rland1987
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
It's NOT Linda McMahon, I don't remember who started this rumour several years ago but somehow it caught on. Sure it looks like her but it's not her - it's just a regular plant that they would do for these type of skits
By rland1987 5 years ago
Why does Linda McMahon remind me of Kathleen Sebelius?
By Randy Ragsdale 5 years ago
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