WWE Superstars 2010/06/24 - Part 1 - HD

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Superstars 6/24/10 Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella vs Jillian Hall. Brie Bella and Jillian start with Brie twisting Jillian's arm then Jillian smacks Brie then they both tumble on top each other on the ground. Then Brie is looking to do something on top but Jillian slams her on the ground. Jillian takes advantage and begins to do a submission on Brie Bella, then slams. Brie Bella does a couple of dropkicks on Jillian then pins but Jillian kicks out. Brie Bella tries to counter a move while Jillian is near the corner but Jillian throws her outside the ring then both Bellas on the ground. Referee goes out of the ring to demand the real bella twin to go in the ring. Jillian slams Brie Bella, but once Jillian and the referee turn away Brie automatically left the ring with Nikki to replace her, getting a roll up on Jillian to take the victory.

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