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    JLS annoyed by N-Dubz


    by ODN

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    JLS have declared war with N-Dubz!

    After a few run-ins, Marvin, Aston, JB and Ortise are now thought to have had enough of the grime group with reports Fazer was 'perving' over Marvin's girlfriend at the Isle of White Festival.

    Marving Humes has been going out with Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturday's since the start of the year with the two now considering living together.

    But that did not seem to stop Fazer apparently telling the Sun newspaper at the summer festival that: "She's hot. The things I'd like to do on a Saturday, you know what I'm saying?"

    The rapper is also quoted in the newspaper as say that if it came to a fight, N-Dubz would win "hands down".

    The first time N-Dubz riled JLS was at last year's MOBO Awards where Dappy is believed to have made a dig at the boys for miming and slated them for being a "manufactured band."

    JLS have now apparently said of N-Dubz: "They've gone too far this time. We've got to get them back. We've put up with their nonsense for far too long."