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    Twilight stars attend world premiere of Eclispe


    by ODN

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    Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were greeted by hundreds of screaming Twi-hard fans at the world premiere of Eclipse in L.A.

    The third movie in the Twilight series is out in the UK on July 9 and R-Patz, who plays vampire Edward Cullen, thinks this new movie is very different from the first two:

    "It feels sort of bigger. It feels a little more adult, I think. Or maybe I am just seeing it through more adult eyes. But there's a lot of fighting and stuff. It's completely different. It's not so intimate like the other two. But there is a kind consistency as well. So I hope people will like it," he said.

    Meanwhile the usually press shy Kristen Stewart, who plays the movie's love interest Bella, said that she is enjoying being a part of the phenomenon:

    "I need to love something so much to be able play it. And to know that so many people have the same feeling about it. I will never get this again. I mean, I don't want to like limit my career or whatever. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. So, I'm really excited."

    Along with Robert and Kristen, the other lead in the Twilight movies is Taylor Lautner who plays warewolf Jacob and he commented on how the franchise has impacted on his career.

    He said: "It's amazing. It is. I mean, this franchise has opened up so many doors. And it's allowed us to choose projects that we're passionate about. And it's amazing."

    Meanwhile Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of director Ron Howard, plays a baddy called Victoria who is out to kill Bella and talked about how the books affected her:

    "I literally felt like I was falling in love. I have an incredible marriage. I've been with my husband for almost ten years, I love him so much. But like when I read 'Twilight' it rivalled my experience of falling in love with my husband. And that is what I think is so potent about these books.''