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    Pedophile027 hacks a television network (62410*)


    by elkinsinbox

    A friend of mine sent me this video of a YouTube cyber-terrorist named Pedophile027, PedoBox, and zZzFuckingTrollzZz putting on a Max Headroom mask and hacking a television station in Bristol, Tennessee. This friend also sent me a black and white picture of what this YouTube troll looks like. This person only wears the Max Headroom mask when he goes by the alias of Pedophile027 and PedoBox. This person will pretend to be me and go around saying that he rapes children and will make it look like I am saying that crap. Report this person immediately. Report him for impersonation and making threats and threatening to rape young children. Also report him for making false statements about me. Video NO. 62410*