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    Learn How to Box - Short Right Uppercut Technique

    Fran Sands

    by Fran Sands

    1 657 views - Learn how to box with the best instructional boxing videos on the Web! This infighting weapon has the potential to be the most powerful shot in your arsenal!

    Fighting at close range, or ‘infighting’ as it is known, is tough and unforgiving. Technical shortcomings in shots and defences are amplified, and the stakes are very high as serious damage can be inflicted in short bursts of shots. Put simply, the ability to fight at short range is an absolute must for anyone seeking to become a high quality boxer, and the right uppercut is a key weapon in the armoury! The short range hooks are very effective due to their great power. A natural addition to the hooks are the short range uppercuts, but why is this? The difference is not one of power, as both short hooks and uppercuts have equal capability in this department. The difference is the angle that the shot takes toward the target i.e. perfectly vertically through the middle of the opponent’s guard.